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Are you just now in a situation where your future plans are open and you are ready to take on something new? Does a new job, a change of industry or even a move to a new place sound tempting?

We are currently looking for our customer to Valmet Automotive Uusikaupunki hundreds of new car builders. You meet a large part of the search criteria if you think about your daily life and your career just outside the box and you are eager to jump into a new job.

"I worked in the retail sector for 10 years. I wanted to have some kind of a change and I got it – I love it!"

  • Tiia, 4 years at Valmet Automotive

In Valmet Automotive family, which is united by the appreciation of quality and cooperation. We face changing situations with courage and optimism. At the same time, seamless teamwork, flourishing humor and smashing co-workers depict our workdays.

"This gang is what has made me stay, over and over again. In our team banter is a form of caring too."

  • Sergey 7 years at Valmet Automotive

No automotive education trains you to be a car or battery builder. You can only learn our work by doing it: At the beginning we will train you and familiarize you carefully with the task. We will provide you with all the training you need and you will be able to start work with confidence. Your education and previous experience can really be just about anything. We appreciate your background, but the most important thing for us is to see motivation and curiosity about everything new!

"Just like that they transformed a practical nurse into a battery builder, a new career in a few weeks!"

  • Jaakko, 1 year at Valmet Automotive

If you recognize yourself from this description, you might be just the one we are looking for:

When you experience good team spirit and people pulling together, you get going! You want to be part of the world's best car building team, with top quality and joy of doing. You like the idea that you can support your teammates and mutually know that you can get support from your team if you need it. You get excited about your own team working smoothly. The result of your own work will help the next team member do their own job well. Together, your will create a great product.

You like concrete, manual work! You are handy, accurate and you also love to deliver and monitor good quality.

You are curious and willing to learn new! You may also be a type who, after working for some time, is inspired by challenges and career development opportunities. Our extensive company offers a variety of career paths and the possibility to get educated. We appreciate it if you want to grow as a professional and develop your career within the company.

We are looking for workers in all production departments. In the car plant there are jobs in body shop, paint shop, general assembly and internal logistics. In the interview we can look together at which department and team you would be best suited for!

Now it's your turn – join us in the fast lane and send your application!

Additional information:
StaffPoint recruitment team, tel. +358 20 792 8556 /

Take a look at our comprehensive information packages:

The work of a car builder -

Edellytämme sinulta

  • Readiness to work in 3 shifts - the factory doesn't sleep at night!
  • Fluent Finnish or English language skills

Tarjoamme sinulle

  • Permanent job
  • Possibility to start fast in the job

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