Added value through assessment

StaffPoint Assessment services provide our clients with significant added value and business-specific information for the selection of personnel, for development measures to be taken, for measuring the ability of the organisation to reach its strategic goals, etc.

We utilise several carefully analysed methods in terms of reliability and validity for assessing the applicant’s professional personality, working style, motivation and talent profile. Our main partner is SHL, one of the global leaders in the development of assessment methods. Our consultants are certified in several assessment methods, and, depending on the situation, we also use Wop and WorkPlace Big Five methods as well as tests provided by Psykologien Kustannus Oy. If applicable, simulation and case exercises can also be integrated in the assessment. Our solutions are always customised to the needs of the client.

Our certified professionals serve our clients at all organisational levels ranging from executive assessments to operative employee assessments.

  • StaffPoint Executive: Key Personnel and Executive Assessments, Management Audit and Board Development
  • StaffPoint recruitment and Assessment services: Competency and aptitude assessments ranging from supervisory to operative personnel, as well as 360 degree assessments and competency mapping.