Executive Research

Executive Research – Candidate mapping

Executive research, i.e. candidate mapping performed in a highly professional and thorough manner, is the basis for an effective implementation of the executive search process. We put special focus on this phase of the process – we have 150 researchers available in Finland and globally. The benefit to the client is that we find the best candidates for them.

In Executive Research, we utilise different information sources and the personal contacts of our consultants. On the basis of the results, we prepare a long list of potential candidates for the job concerned.

In line with its name, the first list is long, containing dozens of names. The background information is collected by a research professional that knows the labour market thoroughly and has strong experience in the utilisation of different information sources. At the early stage of the project, we go through the long list with the client to ensure that we have understood correctly the profile of the person the client is looking for. If necessary, we carry out a new mapping process. The persons to be contacted are selected from the long list, and after they are interviewed, 3-5 most suitable candidates are presented to the client.

Sometimes the best alternative is to implement the assignment as a so called hybrid search in which executive search is complemented with other recruitment methods. Hybrid search is especially suitable if it is difficult to reach and activate candidates by using just one method. In this case, a multi-channel job advertising combined with executive search ensures the best possible end result.