Outplacement coaching programme

The StaffPoint Executive Outplacement service is a customised coaching programme for companies’ key personnel. The aim of the programme is to help individuals in the outplacement and change process. Our Outplacement programme provides job search coaching and support in career planning and in activating contact networks.

The participants’ working styles and strengths are mapped, and based on the results, the participants are provided with coaching in job seeking techniques as well as continuous support during the job seeking and outplacement process.

The aim of the Executive Outplacement programme is to

  • help the participants indentify career opportunities
  • activate them to seek jobs that match their individual strengths and competencies and help them find a new job as soon as possible

Benefits of the Executive Outplacement programme to the participants

  • StaffPoint is the leading recruitment company in Finland. We know how to help individual job seekers find companies and positions in which they have potential to succeed.
  • We help individuals identify both their strengths and restrictions.
  • Our coaching programme provides the participants with professional support in their search for a new career path.
  • We help the participants focus on and seek jobs that match their competencies, and we ensure that that they are active and successful in their job seeking efforts.

Benefits of the Executive Outplacement programme to the employer

  • The Outplacement programme helps the participants find a new job fast
  • Effective outplacement creates a positive employer image: the company looks after its employees even if their job relationships are terminated.
  • The Outplacement programme has a positive effect on the company’s working atmosphere among the employees that continue their careers in the company.