Anu Ahokas appointed as Chief Strategy Officer of StaffPoint Group – Continues as CEO of Spring House

The StaffPoint Group, with net sales of EUR 129 million in 2016, has appointed Anu Ahokas, 37, MSocSc, as Chief Strategy Officer as of 25 April 2017. Ahokas has served as the CEO of the coaching and training company Spring House and will continue in this position after her appointment. Spring House is part of the StaffPoint Group.

“The consolidation of the staffing services sector and structural changes in working life are creating new opportunities for us to further enhance the service portfolio of the entire Group. Together with major employers, the StaffPoint Group plays an important role in developing working life in Finland. New tools and technologies provide us with a strategic edge. We are also creating new service models related to the health, social services and regional government reform. With her business perspective and drive, Anu Ahokas will add to these positive changes,” says Mika Kiljunen, the CEO of the StaffPoint Group.

With Ahokas as the CEO, Spring House has become the market leader in the coaching sector during this decade. The company is a highly successful and valued provider of employment services and personnel coaching services.

“Ahokas has a fresh approach to development and a deep understanding of synergies. These will help us reinvent the offering of the entire Group. We want to be a strategic partner for our clients and build service concepts in response to the trends that will prevail in the 2020s,” says Kiljunen.

Anu Ahokas is a member of the Executive Board of the StaffPoint Group. With the appointment, she will assume more extensive responsibility for the development of the Group’s business strategy and service portfolio. She will continue to report to Mika Kiljunen. She will also be in charge of the strategy team.

“I am enthusiastic about this position and the vantage point it offers. The StaffPoint Group is a leading operator and has the most multifaceted offering on the market. We help our clients stay well ahead of the competition. We want to grow organically and possibly through acquisitions as well. I want to spark innovation and help our company become the most significant operator in the field through deeper strategic partnerships with our clients,” says Ahokas.

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